Although we think networking and socializing is fun, there are PLENTY of those opportunities around SO….we are naturally going to put a different spin on social events. A couple examples coming soon include:


Amish and Refugee Meal

In the only place in the world where this is possible, loKal partners with Bridge to bring you one of the richest cultural events imaginable. Lancaster’s certification as a “Welcoming City,” means that we embrace a large and diverse refugee population. Combine that with the country’s oldest and largest Amish population, and we provide you with a truly unique opportunity to experience a wonderful ethic buffet, as multiple refugee families and the Amish provide their traditional foods. Following the meal, prepare to be deeply moved as the refugees as well as the Amish share their compelling stories of survival and perseverance, and provide an open forum for your questions and insights.


The Witness Experience

Showing and narrating “Witness”, the Lancaster based, blockbuster movie at Zoetropolis – complete with an engaging and ever-curious observation game during the film. Directly following – a guided tour of the actual farm where Witness was filmed – and you guessed it – a farm to table meal as seen in the movie during the barn raising!

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