Although we think networking and socializing is fun, there are PLENTY of those opportunities around SO….we are naturally going to put a different spin on social events. A couple examples coming soon include:


Club loKo

Bringing the area’s first “alcohol free morning dance club” to life, called “loKo,” complete with DJ and healthy breakfast items to get your Fridays off to a great start! While the concept of an alcohol free AM dance party may not be unique, our event is open to ALL ages and is designed to celebrate the diversity of our county and city – at a unique time of day when everyone could use an extra boost. Details also coming soon!


Dinner and a Show

Showing and narrating “Witness”, the Lancaster based, blockbuster movie at Zoetropolis – complete with an engaging and ever-curious observation game during the film. Directly following – a guided tour of the actual farm where Witness was filmed – and you guessed it – a farm to table meal as seen in the movie during the barn raising!

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