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As life-long residents of Lancaster county, we are passionate about leveraging our expertise and insights to offer enriching, authentic Lancaster experiences to our guests. Millions of visitors come to the county every year and often do the same things; over, and over again. Nothing wrong with that, but we want them to experience something new – and maybe unexpected. We know the history, the culture, the ins and outs of Lancaster City and County, and how much there is to offer beyond the usual. So, we launched loKal Experiences.

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Why loKal?

The word “loKal” is the Norwegian word for “local” – an appreciative nod to the place where the idea for the business was born, and the realization that the most memorable moments of our lives are the experiences we have had. Let loKal help create your next great memory!

Live loKal.

Live Life Full!


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spread across both rural and urban areas, each one truly making loKal a truly memorable and unique experience.



of combined local residency between all of our "adventure pilots"



gained of information, smiles, self reflections, and realizations across the entire loKal experiences portfolio!



otherwise known as happy customers to date...

"We want to give people the very best experience they can have. We want to teach them things. We want them to learn, grow, explore, and understand what we have to offer here; through personally curated and expert experiences that they can't get on their own."

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