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loKal experiences started among 4 friends in Lancaster who had a shared, and forever unifying experience after meeting four Norwegian tourists visiting the area. A friendly greeting, helping hand, and guided tour throughout our beautiful county led them to offer a return favor and invite us to Norway! Who wouldn’t accept that? Shortly after this experience, the idea of “loKal” was born, with a joint goal to change the way we view our 8 million “friends” visiting the county annually, and look to actually engage with them in activities and experiences we enjoyed growing up in the area.

Amish Country Tour

Why loKal?

The word “loKal” (pronounced “lou-call”) is the Norwegian word for “local”, so the name stuck; people continued to enjoy more experiences and hey, life is short! So we created a platform to enhance the lives of our clients by investing in experiences over things. Lancaster has so many gems – so many things we take for granted. We can’t wait to uncover, reveal and celebrate those gems with you!

Live loKal.

Live Life Full!


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spread across both rural and urban areas, each one truly making loKal a truly memorable and unique experience.



of combined local residency between all of our "adventure pilots"



otherwise known as happy customers to date...



gained of information, smiles, self reflections, and realizations across the entire loKal experiences portfolio!

"We want to give people the very best experience they can have. We want to teach them things. We want them to learn, grow, explore, and understand what we have to offer here; through personally curated and expert experiences that they can't get on their own."

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