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We’re not here to give you a superficial tour of the popular Lancaster shops and landmarks. We’re here to help you truly experience everything Lancaster has to offer, from history and culture to good food and hospitality. Shopping for someone else? Ask us about purchasing a gift card instead!

Going Beyond Tourism

Experiences like no other

When you visit a new city, do you wish you could take the kind of tour that would let you truly get to know the city’s culture, history and locals? To do that, you’ve got to get off the beaten path–and that’s what LoKal Experiences offers here in Lancaster County. Never settle for the superficial tourist experience when you can dive deeper into the vast history and culture of our wonderful area.

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Here at LoKal Experiences, we’re dedicated to ensuring you get a truly local experience, and we’ve got what it takes to make that happen.

We're Locals

All our guides are life-long residents of the area, meaning they have extensive knowledge and a firm grasp of the local culture.

With Access

We’ve fostered close relationships with other locals that give us access to experiences you can’t get from anyone else.

And Resources

We’ve done our research with our local resources and carefully crafted each experience for authenticity.

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Look through our detailed descriptions of each of our experiences here on our website to find the one you’d best enjoy.

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Schedule your experience directly through our website to enjoy instant confirmation and real-time availability.

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Let the memory-making begin! All you have to do is show up for an experience you’ll never forget.


Hear from our customers

Saying my experience was delightful would be a complete understatement! It was FANTASTIC! Mike went above and beyond to cater to our needs on our Amish experience. Everywhere we went was welcoming and filled with fun, information and unforgettable experiences. The only regret I have was not scheduling more tours!

Megan S.

This tour was awesome! Our tour host, Mike, made it so interesting. We started the tour with a brisk morning walk around downtown Lancaster. His knowledge of the Lancaster area was amazing. You must spend some time while you are in the area with LoKal Experiences.

Deborah H.

Mike gave us a great overview of the history, people and landmarks of Lancaster City. His informative and open style included human interest stories and unique cultural insights and interesting history. Even though I am a resident of Lancaster County my horizon was expanded and I gained a new understanding of the city of Lancaster and the surrounding area. Excellent experience!

Alan N.

It was awesome. Dale was extremely knowledgeable and interesting. We learned a lot that we didn’t know. And the Amish farm and meal were wonderful! Martha was fabulous. Very sweet and hospitable. We highly recommend this tour. Do not miss it!

Robin R.

We enjoyed our tour of the city of Lancaster with Mike as our guide. His thorough knowledge of dates and events was amazing. Our last stop at an establishment with ties to a brewery which secretly operated during Prohibition was especially interesting. The micro brews were great and we parted ways feeling as if we had gained a new friend.

Ka N.

I am so glad we chose this tour of the Amish country. We saw so many tourists flocking to the same spots along the roads in the area, but this tour took us in a small van of 8 people “behind the scenes.” Our driver was a native of the area and has Amish friends who have opened their farms to him for touring. You will learn so much from this tour! Do not hesitate to book.

Cindy K.
A view of Lancaster decorated for Christmas
Who We Are

More than just a tour

Here at LoKal Experiences, we are passionate about sharing our extensive knowledge and unique access to Lancaster’s extensive history and unique cultural offerings. That’s why we don’t just offer tours, we offer experiences–expertly-guided, authentic, and enriching moments that allow our guests to truly understand our Lancaster community. If you’re looking for something more authentic than tourism, you’re looking for LoKal Experiences.

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