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Local Food Tours in Lancaster, PA

Our Walking Food Tours

At LoKal Experiences, we believe that the best way to experience a city is through its food. Our local food tours are designed to showcase the diverse culinary landscape of Lancaster by blending local flavors, history, and culture. 

Whether you have a sweet tooth, a passion for craft beer, or an adventurous spirit for dive bars, our tours cater to every palate. Book now to immerse yourself in the rich flavors and cultural tapestry of this charming city through our carefully curated walking food tours. 

Tour and Meal with an Amish Family

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Lancaster’s Amish community with our exclusive Tour and Meal experience. Join us for an intimate and culturally enriching journey as we guide you through the picturesque Amish countryside on this one-of-a-kind local food tour..

Delve into the customs and way of life of the Amish people, gaining insights into their history and values. Your adventure culminates with a heartwarming meal prepared by the Amish themselves.

Experience the warmth of genuine hospitality as you savor homemade dishes that are cooked with love and authenticity. Explore our Tour and Meal with an Amish Family today to learn more.

Sweet & Savory Tour of Lancaster City

Embark on a delectable local food tour with our Sweet & Savory Tour of Lancaster City. Indulge in a delightful mix of sweet treats and savory delights as you stroll through the charming streets. 

From artisanal chocolates to savory pastries, this tour is a feast for those with a taste for the finer things in life. Let our knowledgeable guides lead you to hidden gems and local favorites to ensure a culinary journey that leaves your taste buds tingling.

Vegetarian options are available upon request. Explore our Sweet & Savory Tour of Lancaster City today to learn more.

Lancaster History and Craft Beer Walk

Combine the best of Lancaster’s history with the craft beer renaissance on our Lancaster History and Craft Beer Walk. During this local food tour, you’ll explore the city’s historical sites and learn about its rich history, then sip on handcrafted beers from local breweries. 

This tour blends culture, heritage, and the art of brewing seamlessly to offer a unique perspective on 3 centuries of history. Explore our Lancaster History and Craft Beer Walk today to learn more.

Dive Bars of Lancaster

For those seeking a more laid-back and eclectic experience, our Dive Bars of Lancaster tour is the perfect choice. Venture into the lesser-known corners of the city and discover hidden gems that are off the beaten path. 

Enjoy the unpretentious atmosphere, local brews, and the camaraderie of fellow adventurers as you dive into the authentic charm of Lancaster’s dive bar scene. Explore our Dive Bars of Lancaster tour today to learn more.

Tour and meal with an Amish family

All our guides have individual and unique ties to the Amish community and have always enjoyed showing off this authentic piece of Lancaster County. This rich, immersive experience is designed to give you a personal rare window into the true Amish culture. Every meal is an amazing experience!

  • Vegetarian meals are available with at least 48 hours notice
  • Note that if your booking request is within 24 hours of the scheduled experience we will do our best to accommodate your request. 
  • Under the rules for the PA Department of Agriculture  – 7 PA CODE Chapter 46: The organization that uses or offers the food for human consumption informs consumers that the organization uses or offers food that has been prepared in private homes that are not licensed or inspected.

Great experience! Delicious meal. The family we met was very kind and generous. Great hosts and welcomed any questions about their lifestyle that the group had.


Sweet & Savory Tour of Lancaster City

Visit downtown locations off the beaten path on this door-to-door walking tour where you’ll enjoy the chance to meet the owners in person and ask questions–along with enjoying generous samples from each stop! Take-home goodies are included in the price of the tour!

  • Vegetarian options available.
  • You may want to bring a camera, as well as cash or credit cards if you choose to purchase outside of the provided samples.

Wonderful and delicious way to see some true gems of Lancaster that we may have missed had we ventured on our own!


Lancaster History
and Craft Beer Walk

Kick it off at the hub of Lancaster, our colonial square, and begin to explore the concentration of historical sites spanning three centuries – all within just a couple of blocks! The nation’s oldest continuously operating farmers market and theater, the birthplace of the Conestoga Wagon, homes of some of Lancaster’s most famous citizens, colonial churches, and much more will be brought to life through stories, characters, arts and architecture. After our old city history walk, you can whet your whistle at some of Lancaster’s finest craft beer establishments– and learn how much of our colorful past is tied to beer. From 19th-century German influence to amazing tales of prohibition ingenuity, the beer flowing through these taps reaches back across the last two centuries– and it’s delicious!

  • This is a couple-friendly, year-round experience. We can comfortably adapt to any weather conditions or personal preferences.
  • If you don’t see a time that works for you, please contact us directly.

Growing up in Lancaster I had no idea of its brewing history. It was great to experience, see and taste firsthand how brewing is still a solid part of the town! I highly recommend making this a part of your Lancaster experience!


Dive Bars of Lancaster

Dark, gritty, and sometimes smoky! If you want to scratch the underbelly of the oldest inland city in America and hang out with the locals, this experience delivers. We’ll take you to some of the oldest and hardest to find neighborhood bars in the city on this casual walking tour through the historic west side of the city. Rub shoulders with laborers, night-shift crews, hospital workers, politicians, retirees, entrepreneurs, and college students that inhabit these nostalgic Lancaster establishments. From corner bars, to holes-in-the-wall, to Irish and Italian pubs, these places are the real deal and well worth the walk! Each of these stops will take you back to a time of pool tables, dart boards and mid-western beer along with shared bar snacks for a genuine local experience.

  • This will be a walking tour, so wear comfortable walking shoes and appropriate attire.

Wow, what an amazing tour! Lots of hidden gems of knowledge in his tour! A must do while in Lancaster if you enjoy history and great beer!