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Amish Lancaster Tours in Lancaster, PA

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At LoKal Experiences, we provide a unique way to explore the fascinating culture and heritage of the Amish community in Lancaster, PA. Our guided Amish tours take you on a journey through the heart of Amish country, offering a glimpse into the simple and traditional way of life that has endured for centuries.

Our Amish Lancaster tours focus on the rich cultural experiences that continue to thrive to this day in this beautiful and storied part of the country. Book your tour today to immerse yourself in Pennsylvania history.

The Amish Experience: Pennsylvania History​

Nestled in the rolling hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the Amish community has a remarkable history that dates back to the 18th century.

With its rich traditions and simple lifestyle, the Amish way of life has remained largely unchanged for centuries.

They’re renowned for their craftsmanship, quilting, and farming practices, and visitors come from all over the world to experience the authentic Amish lifestyle for themselves.

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3 Unique & Incredible Amish Tours in Lancaster, PA

Our Amish tours are comprehensive and fascinating journeys through Amish country. We pride ourselves on delivering genuine, immersive experiences that respect and honor the Amish way of life.

Truly Authentic Lancaster Experience

Our Truly Authentic Lancaster Experience involves a walking history tour in Lancaster city and a tour of Amish country. It includes two stops — one at an Amish dairy farm with a creamery, and the other at an Amish builder's private home.

Unique Amish Immersion Experience

In addition to the two stops from the Truly Authentic Lancaster Experience, our Unique Amish Immersion Experience includes a tour of a second Amish dairy farm and the Amish farm on which they filmed the movie Witness!

Tour and Meal with the Amish

Choose our Tour and Meal with the Amish Experience to learn more about Amish culture and history while enjoying a driving tour of Amish country. When we reach our Amish host, you'll be served an authentic meal prepared by the Amish themselves.

Local Guided Tours of Amish Culture

One of the most compelling aspects of our Amish Lancaster tours is the opportunity to experience the unique cultural customs of the Amish community. Enjoy an intimate setting with our small group tours, allowing for personalized interactions with the Amish locals and creating a more enriching experience.

We believe in quality over quantity, providing you with a memorable and meaningful journey. After a single Amish tour, you’ll gain a greater appreciation for their way of life.

You’ll learn about the history and traditions of the Amish people, and discover for yourself why modern conveniences are eschewed in favor of a more traditional lifestyle.